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License AR-7770


  Projects # 9303 & # 9310 - Courtroom Presentation
Cases Unnamed (Escambia County, FL)
Baker Baker & Duke PA Steve Baker, Attorney (850) 434-3009
 ●Illustrate accident scene and produce scaled representation of existing conditions.
 ●Communicate legal viewpoints for witness questioning.

Project # 9316 - Expert Witness
Robbins v. City Drug Store, Inc. (Covington County, AL)
Rushton Stakely Johnson & Garrett William Haynes, Attorney (334) 834-8480
 ●Surveyed accident scene and reported on accessibility.
 ●Presented data to illustrate factual data in case.

Project # 9413 - Panelist for Arbitration Case
Brown v. Craftsman Contractors, Inc. (Escambia County, FL)
Robert Emmanuel, Attorney (850) 433-6581
Bruce Partington, Attorney (850) 434-9200
 ●Heard testimony from witnesses and construction representatives; evaluated factual data for claims by each party in case.
 ●Determine damages and award monetary judgments; summarize roles, damages, and values in case.
 ●Courtroom appearance with American Arbitration Association.





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